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Brandon Berman

Educator, Producer, Director, Editor

Brandon is the director of the Multimedia Graphic Design program at Front Range Community College (FRCC). He has been consulting on design, technology, and training since 1997 and owned a web design company from 2001-2007.

Brandon has been with FRCC for six years, during that time he successfully implemented an annual student film festival and launched a successful iTunes U initiative, which resulted in FRCC being the first educational institution in the state to be live on the iTunes Store. He was the 2007 Master Teacher and received the 2008 Outstanding Faculty Award. He has also taught at many other institutions and presented at conferences on the use of video in education.

In 2006, Brandon lead a group of 19 students to Cuernavaca Mexico to do a language and cultural immersion for one month. He has always loved learning about other cultures, seeing new places, learning new ideas and meeting people. This project combines many of his passions. It is his belief that this experience will lead to great connections between many individuals and institutions.

Lisa Crimaldi

Educator, Nurse Practitioner

Lisa is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with additional specialized certification in neuroscience (brain and spinal cord), and has been with the Desert Institute for Spine Care in Phoenix AZ since 2007. Lisa brings over a decade of experience in neuroscience, intensive care, and administrative and clinical trauma specialties.

She has served on community boards, task forces, and coalitions, and instructed to health care professionals and hospitals throughout the state on trauma care and organ donation. Lisa has been an educator for community outreach and prevention of head/ spine injuries and stroke.

Lisa will be teaching 90 minute workshops on First Aid with an emphasis on wilderness aid.

Ryan Good

Teaching Assistant, Videoagrapher, Editor

Ryan Good is a graduating technical journalism student at Colorado State University. While he currently calls Fort Collins, CO home, he has lived in Oregon, California, Sri Lanka, and Mexico. Having spent two years in Latin America, Ryan developed and sharpened his bilingual and cultural competency skills. He is passionate about travel and is excited to have the opportunity to utilize his knowledge and experience in the use of computer-mediated communication techniques to help African students succeed. Having strong interest in visual media, Ryan will provide technical support in the task of filming and video editing. He is excited about joining a dynamic team of educators and students who will learn from and with each other as they engage in a collaborative process of teaching and learning.

Trish Mentor

Educator, Editor

Tricia is a person that brings good will everywhere she goes. After graduating with a BS of International Business and Marketing degree from and American International College in Massachusetts, Tricia left 4 days after graduation and move to Colorado. Only the things she could carry with a person she met on a ride board she managed to entice a few friends from back east to move out as well. She landed a sales job at U.S. West and became presidents club winner then moved onto Telephony sales then back to advertising.  Always smiling but knowing that this was not her calling she took risks and leaps of faith with going into acting and Improv performing. This lead to her leaving sales. Working on multiple Emmy award winning live and taped weekly productions for PBS and Denver ch8, making movies, award winning documentaries and producing V.O. material for international companies full time. But there was still something missing so she went back to school to further her skills with editing. She was so impressed with the first class she decided to go for the whole program knowing would get her closer to her dream of making a difference with her documentaries and how she approached conscious consumer awareness in her business videos. There was a reason, a bigger picture if you will, why she was there. It was this project that would make her realize that she was right about her choices and that she did have a voice and that she wanted to help others find their voices as well. FTP is everything I stand for. It's like having someone say exactly what you wanted to say but couldn't. Looking forward to working, learning and sharing all aspects with this amazing team of people and the people of Kenya!

Autumn Montgomery


Autumn Montgomery has dedicated her last 25 years to education. She holds two Masters Degrees from CU Denver, one in Curriculum and Instruction, the other in Library Science/Technology. During her career she was guided by her belief that everyone should have a chance at a quality education and be able to connect with each other globally to understand that people of the world have more in common than they do differences. Technology can help equalize the education field and meet the needs of all learning modalities in any age group from Kindergarten to adult. 

With this team Autumn plans to continue her dedication to global education and connections by working with students in Kenya and the United States as they produce video sharing experiences of culture and geography. They will use Skype experiences to create global connections about their hopes, dreams and solutions for their futures as adults in the world.

Lou Montgomery


Lou Montgomery has dedicated his life to creating quality living spaces and environments for people from individual homes to large college campuses. He holds a Master License in the electrical field along with a General Contractors License. Lou grew up in the family business where he worked in the nursery, citrus groves and landscaping. Here he learned the skills that later helped him to become a general contractor. He has dedicated his career to custom work of the highest quality and craftsmanship that works with environmentally friendly products and techniques to ensure a greener future for the world.

With this team Lou plans to educate students in the use of environmentally sound products and techniques to help them as they build for their futures. He will show them safe electrical practices with setting up the computer labs. And assist with teaching software programs in a business setting.

Ryan O'Keeley

Assistant Producer, Videographer, Editor

Ryan is the creative director and owner of O'Keeley Media, a multimedia production and consulting company, and is owner of Truman Legal Video, a legal multimedia company, both in Pensacola, Florida. He has been shooting and editing video since he was a child and naturally grew into the creative media field. After graduating with a BA in Mass Communication at East Tennessee State University, Ryan's interest in business led him to sales and management working as a medical staffing agency administrator and was moved from East Tennessee to the Florida Panhandle. He soon realized that a more creative vocation was necessary to achieve true happiness and opened O'Keeley Media.

Ryan's professional multimedia work ranges from television production and web video to musical performance recording and voice over. He aspires to compete at a national level from a small beach community that he is proud to call home.

In his spare time, Ryan spends time outdoors, exercises, practices photography, and plays musical instruments. He is fascinated by world cultures, music and architecture and feels fortunate to have an opportunity to share his professional expertise and exchange stories of life with the Kenyan people he and the other team members will meet throughout the project.

Lindsey Wilkinson

Teaching Assistant, Videoagrapher, Editor

Lindsey is a student, having graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Philosophy and Art History. She spent many years working for Integral Institute, a non-profit aimed at finding ways to solve the worlds most complex problems. She has since begun learning video production and was a PA on a nationally broadcast TV show called Sex God Rock 'n Roll. She enjoys making art, traveling, writing, dance, and spreading BIG LOVE in the world. She is excited to exchange and share with students in Kenya. This project has become a huge goal in her passion for connecting and communicating through film, as well as engaging in integrally informed service around the world.


Our Partners

Technology Partnership

The From Their Perspective project is under the umbrella of Technology Partnership. Please see the story page for more information.

Barbara Bates is the state-side director and John Kamwara is the Kenyan director of Technology Partnership. Barb teaches full-time at DeVry University, another of our partner schools; John teaches full-time at Fred's Academy in Meru, Kenya. DeVry has donated 120 computers and monitors and DeVry students are designing a networked delivery system utilizing Edubuntu open-source teaching tools for the K-12 curriculum. Fred's Academy, a partner school, has provided assistance to the 12 public schools in our partnership; they have hosted teacher training and provided computer instruction in their computer lab.

Innovative Educators

Innovative Educators is dedicated to providing superior training focused on critical issues facing students and educators. Our primary goal is to provide the information, training, and skills necessary to implement positive change on a personal, professional, and institutional level.


You and your team will be of great importance to these community public schools if you help in training on digital literacy, how to teach using technology (computers and others), and the new idea of filmmaking.

John Kamwara - Director, Technology Partnership

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