On June 30th, 2011, we went to Kenya to teach and work creatively with high school students, showing them how to create participatory videos while documenting the process. We worked with many educators to explore connections between education, technology, and community. We uncovered and shared deep cultural and societal stories from the perspective of students in Meru, Kenya. (More about Back Story)



An enthusiastic dynamic group of professionals and students traveled to Meru, Kenya in June. The group included film students, a new media instructor and professional, a librarian, a contractor, and a nurse. You can check out our blog for what happened back then.


Dan Akong'o (Kosege) who you will learn more about in one of the later vignettes was so inspired by our visit that he dedicated his career to producing multimedia.  He currently has a dream to build  Tunza Institute which would be a place for young people to go and learn how to become multimedia professionals.

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